• Art & Craft Club

    Art & Craft help children develop their creativity and imagination, according to the child development institute. These are important tools for children because they teach students to approach things with an open mind. Learning art and craft also teaches kids that problems can be solved and goals can be accomplished in multiple ways. It also encourages the child to try new ideas and take risks. Children who engage in art and craft learn to express themseleves better. Art gives a child the opportunity to transform abstract ideas into something concrete and real.

  • Cultural Club

    Culture is the key to the creative potential of community or society. Arts are the most important facets of culture. Art transmits ideas and belief across generations reminding people what their ancestors throught and what they upheld as beautiful and precious. The Cultural Club ensures participation in all kinds of intra and inter school, drama, debates and other cultural activities. This club aims at healty diversion and goes a long way in recognizing and nurturing extra curricular talent and personality development.

  • Eco Club

    Smt. Maina Devi PUblic School club is a student centered club whose mission is to proect, control and improve the environment by taking action if local enviorment issues. The club also raise awareness among students about global environment issuess through presentations. School celebrates Earth-day, Science-day, Ozone-day, The School organized a camping trip to beautiful Himachal to bring the students more close to the nature.

  • Science Club

    Science Club is a mean of getting outside the classroom and interacting with the natural envionment. These interactions can be beneficial for the community and the students. Science clubs wich are based on a combination of experimentation and philanthropy make learning a real life experience that leaves positive impressions on booth students and their communities.

  • Sports Club

    Sports and games are good pastime and pertinent to mankind since is inception, Sports and games not only make students physically fit but also instill discipline and courage to face challenges and hardships. Students get a chance to show leadership, physical strenght & mental alertness during sports and games. School provides all sorts of games indoor & outdoor under the tuteulage of veteran physical instructors. Sports & games are inseparable and very much an intergal part of school activities.