Where Children Come First


Free play time
Ideal devlopment in all areas can be attained by allowing free play time.
Music-Rhythmical experience
Singing and playing music develop concentration, confidence and gross motor Skills in them
Drawing,painting, printing, experimenting, modeling etc. activities are done on a daily basis, either during free play time or structured by the teacher.
Children under supervision of mother teacher get a chance to familiarize themselves with umpteen books.
Splash Pool
Swimming is especially suited for this. The aim is to get them used to water in a playful, enjoyable way, without constraints


SMDPS : The First Rung kindergarten welcomes any child from birth to school age. Most parents are anxious when leaving their young children to be cared for outside the home, we are well aware of this and are keen to ensure that children and parents adapt easily to the transition. The kindergarten has suitable access and a large outdoor play area,. a safe, happy and stimulating environment has been created to give your child best possible start in life. Without being prejudiced to any faith and beliefs, we acknowledge and embrace humanity and encourage the children to do so.

The first Rung Kindergarten is equipped with a wide range of toys and educational equipment which will provide the children with a variety of development and stimulating activities appopriate to their age. All of the activities carried out within the first rung are under constant supervision.

Further interesting activities offered by the first rung:-

Meet and greet (incorporates personality honing, communication and interpersonal skills)
Festivals/get togethers
Theme celebretions

The voyage of your child begins here at the first rung section that is filled with a lot of learning, growing & enjoying together.

SMDP assures you that your child at the first Rung will learn agreat deal of life skills such as personality, communication & Social bearing.

In this sense the educational team of the first Rung greets you warmly, always on the move for you and children.

To inform parent we will provide written information regarding activities undertaken supported with devlopment records, photographs, children's work and wall displays.

Further Activities